About Acolyte Fight!

Acolyte Fight! is a fun 2D shooter io game set in space. It is about a free online multiplayer match placed in a special arena where you can use magic to defeat the enemy. It’s really exciting to shoot fireballs, wave your lightsaber, and dodge asteroids there! Acolyte Fight unblocked brings back a cool fast-paced battle and you need to become the ultimate master! It is the main aim that you are required to implement. You’d better learn how to aim, fire, avoid, time, and manage every ability to dominate the entire rankings. Keep in mind that you will be able to obtain more than 30 spells! It’s not easy to choose from. However, they will an important factor to help you rank up and be the winner, alongside the shooting skill. Besides, there is a variety of playing styles to utilize, for example, knockback, damage, and so on. Attempt to seek the most appropriate combos! Good luck!

How To Play Acolyte Fight!

Use the mouse to navigate and aim, keyboard keys to unleashing spells

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