About Adversator

Adversator is a nice RPG where you need to show up the best strategy to defeat every opponent and conquer the top spot as soon as possible! It is a casual MOBA game that you may want to login to get more exciting features instead of playing as a guest. It is easy to stay or leave the adventure in Adversator whenever. There are only three classes to choose from. They are Strength, Intelligence and Agility. Obviously, they own unique abilities. Furthermore, Adversator will become more interesting, depending on mixing items. Although it sounds simple to master, you should always defend yourself from very risk on the path. Attacks will arrive suddenly and you must dodge promptly for survival. Once you survive, you can progress and get closer to the position you expect. However, the main aim that you implement will focus on devastating the core building of the other faction. Good luck!

How To Play

Press Right mouse to move, AZERTY/QWERTY to check an item, Arrows to interact with the camera, C to lock that tool, Space to focus it

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