About Alienate.io

Alienate.io free is a space shooting game in which you become an alien shooter who is tasked with killing all opponents that come from around the world. You have a spaceship so start to fly it around in space to hunt down other rivals and quickly shoot them all to clear them out of the arena. Bear in mind that you can get attacked by other players as well, hence, it’s good to protect yourself and avoid their shots to save your life, or else you will get destroyed, causing the game to be over. You need to watch out for your surroundings and have your skills ready to cope with all dangerous situations. Try to speculate your enemies’ moves and what they will be doing so you can avoid their attacks. The main goal in Alienate.io online is to become the most dangerous fighter dominating the whole arena! Are you up to join this? Give Alienate.io free game a shot now!

How To Play Alienate.io

Use A/D or left/right arrow keys to move. Press W or up arrow key to jump. Use the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to perform a melee attack and the middle mouse button to release a grenade.

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