About Amas.io

Amas.io free unblocked is situated in a broad 2D world and takes you in a ruthless tank fight where you have to grow your army of tanks to the max and outplay all of your opponents. At first, your tank army is too weak to climb the top, so you must go kill other enemies using your tricks and strategies. Once you grow in power and number, you will find it easier to deal with tougher opponents, and killing them is such a piece of cake. However, regardless of how powerful your army is, you still need to watch out for your surroundings as getting ambushed by someone else is very easy to happen. Therefore, make sure you always stay on guard as well as have your skills ready all the time for dealing with unexpected encounters. Amas.io online brings many challenges to all players, and your main aim here is to become the best army of tank dominating the entire arena.

How To Play Amas.io

Control your army of tank around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Aim the army using the mouse cursor, click the left mouse or spacebar to fire.

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