Angry Chickens

About Angry Chickens

Angry Chickens is a strategy web-browser game that is inspired by the famous Angry Snakes IO game. This new edition surely keeps you entertained for hours, so let’s try it now. You will direct a series of cute chickens around the map to gather as many fried eggs as possible for increasing your size. Through over time collecting eggs, your size will become much bigger and it’s time to go hunting. You can make use of the longest chicken train you have created to finish off other players. Try to make them run into you, block their exits and then you will wipe them out easily. You can even set some dangerous traps to defeat the opponents quickly. Don’t forget to speed up to catch your targets or dash away from the danger! Your goal is to become the most dangerous chicken ruling the whole arena! Try it now! Wish you luck!

How To Play

Direct your chicken around the map using the mouse.

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