About Angry Snakes

Different from Happy Snakes, in Angry Snakes game, you will direct a small snake with an angry face. This is another super fun Snake game online opening a new snake-themed competition between the online opponents. You will take control of your chosen snake around the map to fill your stomach with a lot of tasty glowing dots dispersed on the floor. As you eat the dots, your size will be much larger, and you can utilize your big body to surround your enemies as well as eliminate them easily. You should cross their path, encircle them, and make them crash into you, destroying them directly. Then, you eat up their dead remains to grow even bigger. Remember to speed up to catch your targets or dash away from the risks, but this boosts costs you some mass over time, so use it skillfully. Are you ready to become the largest snake in the whole arena? Play it now!

How To Play Angry Snakes

Control your snake using the mouse, click the left mouse button to speed up. 

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