Angry Worms

About Angry Worms

Like other Snake games, Angry Worms surely capture your heart and keep you playing it over and over again. There have been so many snake games online recently, and this title will be a great one you shouldn’t skip. Your main mission is to take control of an angry worm around the map to consume a lot of other enemy worms in the area before they eat you up. You need to eat the glowing objects dispersed on the floor as well because they will help grow your size a lot, and you will feel stronger to conquer other enemies. To destroy them, try to block their head with your body, if they run into you, they will be wiped out for sure. Be sure to defend yourself and do not let anyone outsmart you. If you survive long enough, you will be able to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Are you ready? Join the game now!

How To Play

Direct the worm using the mouse. Click the left/right mouse to speed up.

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