About is a good multiplayer online sports game for all ages. Play and show up your shooting ability to control the new 2 vs 2 soccer match! Join the red or blue team and get ready to work together with a teammate. Cooperate with him and you can beat the rival as well as win the championship. Before you run out of time, try to collect the highest score, the necessary element that will help you dominate. Obviously, it is not simple to gain the best point although you will have to face only two opponents on the same playing field. Aside from kicking, you should master several skills such as dribble, dash, brake. Especially, you must prevent the other from attacking your goal or you can lose. Additionally, do not let the power bar go 0. You can refill it by quickly picking up big green dots on the pitch. Explore the smooth gameplay and become a legend now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, RMB or C to dash, LMB to speed up, X to brake, F to change camera.

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