About Battleboats.io

It’s possible to explore Battleboats.io game alone or with some friends! Paste the link and join a room together. Fight against the opponent team and destroy all of them to become the top winner as fast as you can. You are going to enjoy a cool fast-paced combat set in an ocean. There are two groups which are distinguished by the color. Aside from that, you are able to choose any mode that you want. In HQ Destruction, your mission is to eliminate the enemy HQ by sending big mines to their base. Additionally, you can use cannons or torpedoes to do that. For Team Deathmatch, you will have to collect more kills by blowing up the other ships before you run out of time. Do not ignore crates floating on the water! They will give you XP, ammunition, and something to repair if you are damaged. While moving, avoid energy barriers and turrets that are aiming at you. Good luck!

How To Play Battleboats.io

Use WASD or the mouse to control your ship. Click on the button or press Space to control a special weapon.

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