About Bighero.io

Master how to swing the sword in Bighero.io online and conquer the classic game inspired by Agario style as soon as possible! It introduces a cool multiplayer match that you have to destroy as many enemies as possible to take over the leaderboard. Are you ready to turn every opponent into dots of nourishment and occupy the top spot? Play Bighero.io unblocked with a special character and try to make use of the weapon that you are provided to win! Along with the remains of slain players, you can eat available pellets scattered across the playfield to grow your tool in size. When the equipment in Bighero.io free gets longer, you can remove the target and defend yourself easier. If you can’t deal with somebody stronger than you, don’t forget to speed up and run away! Remember to gather power-ups! Especially, you will be able to obtain various upgrades when you level up. Much fun!

How To Play Bighero.io

Use the mouse to move the hero, Click to attack, D to boost speed

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