About Biters.io

Biters.io is one of the latest Free For All Io games. It is available to enter a large arena and play with a lot of rivals coming from different regions around the world. You will control a bizarre person who has a very big mouth. You should use your teeth to bite as many opponents as possible to take over the highest position on the ranking.

Roam around the battlefield and always defend yourself from aggressive players. You can evade fighting if you are not ready to rush into them directly. You are able to choose eating cookies after you spawn. The food you consume will allow you to grow bigger and restore your health. Not only that, you are recommended to find and drink water. That resource will help you make your stamina full. It is really necessary for you if you’d like to dash to chase or escape. Good luck!

How To Play Biters.io

Use the mouse to walk, LMB or Space to bite, W or RMB to dash and bite.

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