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Step into the arena of Black unblocked and get ready to face off against other enemy holes in an epic battle. Like other previous games, such as, Crowd, Black Hole io online game also allows you to eat almost everything that comes in your way. The hunger of your hole is infinite, which means you can eat as much as you want until your size reaches the max. When you encounter smaller holes, you should eat them up before they escape, but be careful with the ones that are way bigger than you, otherwise, you will be the one that gets eaten. At the same time, try to watch out for your surroundings to avoid other risks that could harm your hole. Eating stuff is a must, but protecting yourself is also very important. There is a leaderboard in Black Hole the game online, your goal is to climb your way up to the top rank on the board. Enjoy it now and remember to check out other black holes games!

How To Play Black

Use arrow keys or the mouse to move your black hole around the city.

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