Have your abilities ready for another tank fight brought to you by! It is a wonderful tank-themed strategy game from the IO games series, which promises to relax you a lot! You will join other online players in a crazy, fast-paced and aggressive 2D top-down deathmatch. Your main mission here is to work with your teammates to knock the rival team out of the arena using excellent strategies, strong cooperation, as well as excellent abilities. With two exciting game modes, including team deathmatch and control point, you will earn a lot of experiences! In team deathmatch, help your team grow points by slaying as many enemies as possible. If you join control point mode, help your team hold a spot on the map for long enough to earn a point. You should keep in mind that the points of your team must be increased for a chance of becoming the winning team in! Good luck to you!

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How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the moving your tank. Aim and shoot with the mouse, use the mouse wheel scroll or key Q or key E to change weapons. Hold down TAB for the scoreboard, hold down key Shift for the help menu.

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