About Bombers.io

Bombers.io is one of the newest 2D shooter iO games where you need to fight strategically. It’s extremely helpful to outsmart every opponent and take over the top spot in the shortest time! Connect to the server and you will be moved to a special arena in which a dangerous multiplayer battle will happen! You are equipped with a range weapon only. However, it is very powerful so you can destroy the target in a wink. Killing the foes when playing Bombers.io unblocked online will help you increase your score and rank up. Therefore, you are recommended to take deadly aim to shoot at them accurately. Otherwise, you will be counterattacked and eliminated if they find you. Try to survive because it is an important step to level up! When you progress, some upgrades will be unlocked and belong to your collection immediately. Check Traitors.io if you also love to join such intense matches!

How To Play Bombers.io

Use the mouse to aim and attack the enemy, keyboard keys to roam

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