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One of the best features making unblocked a hot io game is stunning 3D graphics. Not only addictive gameplay, but game will also leave a big impression on players using its unique graphics. Just like other Bomb games you have experienced before, in this title, you are tasked with bombing your opponents to increase your size and earn a high score. You pilot your airplane around the map seeking out other players then quickly destroy them before they harm you. Do not run into them, or else you will be destroyed. Instead, try to lure them to run into you, which eliminates them instantly. Make use of your good strategies during the course of the fight so you can outplay other players. There is a leaderboard showing the ranks of players. Can you get to the top and rule the arena? Enjoy BomBom free io game right now in your browser and express all your skills!

How To Play BomBom.IO

Pilot your airplane using arrow keys or WASD. Your plane will drop bombs automatically.

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