Play as either a human or a cunning zombie in! This is the second chapter in series, featuring better graphics, more amazing gameplay as well as nicer features. You can even play it with full 3D settings if you want. In this Zombies-themed IO game, if you become a human, your objective is to escape the zombies as fast as possible. You can build a lot of shelters to hide using many different objects scattered across the arena. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself from the zombies, and don’t let them tag you, or else your human life will end. In case you become a zombie, you must go hunt down all humans, tag them quickly then turn them into zombies as well. You should work with your team to defeat the opponents more easily. The main objective in is to become the ultimate victor and bring glory to your team.

How To Play

Move your character around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to jump and click the left mouse to attacks.

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