Buzzy Bees

About Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees is one of the featured strategy io games unblocked. It is about a cool multiplayer competition. Take control of a small creature and fly around the area to search for flowers for the pollen. Remember to return it by touching the house! It is an important resource to make hives. Play Buzzy Bees free and you should place your home and gather as many materials as possible to generate honey. Try to build the biggest ad strongest base around the map! Aside from mining, you need to defend your facility from every enemy. You can attack whoever in Buzzy Bees online and team up with some allies to win against them or complete other tasks easier. In the shop, you will quickly spot a lot of upgrades. If they are unlocked, you can buy and get stronger. In combat, it’s very exciting to loot slain characters and demolish their buildings! Good luck!

How To Play Buzzy Bees

Use the mouse button to control items and attack, B to buy stuff, T to choose to team

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