About is an amazing free-for-all tower defense game. Control a flying castle and your kingdom is set in the sky. While moving the building through clouds, you can see a lot of dragons, drakes, and other hostile players along with their construction. Watch out! They are your foes in unblocked. And, you are able to destroy them. if you cannot remove them first, you can be eliminated. So, you are going to engage in a war in mid-air and face tons of aggressive creatures from around the world. However, you must be the ultimate character in online because there can be only one winner. When you fighting and collecting orbs, your EXP will be increased. It is great to unlock levels together with awesome upgrades in the shop! There are 145 items to obtain. Don’t let anybody cause the death of you or you will lose half of those stages! Play and share the battle with friends now!

How To Play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to control the castle's movement, Left mouse to attack, Right mouse to speed up

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