Cat Ninja

About Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja is an action HTML5 about a little cat armed with ninja skills. This cat is in need of your help since he wants to conquer a tough adventure calling him ahead. Prepare your skills to help him and use them to overcome all challenges getting in your way. Cat Ninja unblocked puts you on platforms full of dangers. You have to jump from this platform to another one and attempt to land safely. There will be enemies trying to attack your cat. You must quickly throw shurikens at them, perform other actions, like kicking, punching and jumping to get over them all. Be careful with the deadly gaps between some platforms. You must fly over them before falling down. Try to reach the furthest distance possible and upgrade your cat’s skills through over time to get stronger. Your main goal is to vanquish this adventure as well as become the strongest ninja cat!

How To Play

Use A/D to control the movement of your cat, press W to jump, S to duck, Shift for ninja skills, the left mouse to throw shurikens at enemies and the spacebar with WASD to fly.

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