About is a style .iO game which is about a survival horror adventure. It is also a cool online multiplayer match taking place in a massive cave. It is a great map because it is full of ores which will provide everybody including you a large number of valuable resources to create something useful. Especially, you do not skip finding wood after you begin.

Play free you’d better gather as much gold as possible. It is effective to buy stuff from the shop and help you dominate the top spot sooner. Aside from that job, you need to remember that you are facing lots of enemies throughout the real world when you engage in unblocked. So, it’s best to collect materials before you fight. There is a special crafting ability which allows you to produce tools, weapons, etc. Additionally, you can farm, put up a base and sell products to obtain strong towers to defend your assets and generate much more money. Your house can be set near Mob Spawners. They are helpful for you to gain a higher XP and enchant whatever. Have fun!

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How To Play

Use WASD to move, Shift to sneak, E to craft, Left mouse to interact, Q to drop, Q + Shift to release more, Right mouse or Space to enchant items

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