About Cellz.io

Cellz.io opens up a super awesome yet challenging battle with the concept of Battle Royale. This Agario Style game pits you against loads of other online foes. When you first spawn in the arena, you are just a small cell that has to move around the map absorbing as many generated cells as possible to grow in size. You should keep building your size until you become a big cell and that’s when you can jump into a battle against other enemies. When you confront with players that are smaller than you, quickly absorb them to grow even bigger. But make sure you stay away from the larger enemies, or else you will get eaten. You can divide into various smaller cells to take over more map area. The goal in Cellz.io is to become the largest cell ruling the entire arena. It’s time to partake in this classic free-for-all game and have fun with it!

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How To Play

Move around the map using the mouse, press the spacebar to split, use key W to feed, key Q to double split, and key T to split in max pieces.

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