About Chemz.io

Fight against enemies from around the world in Chemz.io online and try to dominate the map with your chemtrails. Chemz.io unblocked is an action-packed io game online in which you must kill enemies by poisoning them when flying around the map with your plane. As you play, you can cover more areas on the map to get the size of your plane much bigger.

The gameplay of Chemz.io may not be strange to some players, especially the hardcore fans of traditional io games when you have to outplay all enemies to become the top-ranked player on the leaderboard that rules the arena. However, with this title, you will get a new experience. As mentioned above, you are free to direct the movement of your plane when exploring the map to hunt for enemies. Try to attack them whenever you can and get them poisoned before they do the same to you. The point of the game is to get coverage. This means you have to do whatever you can to have more coverage and build your chemtrails longer for the dominance of the arena. If you get killed by a player, he will get your coverage. But, if you slay an enemy, you will get all his coverage, which makes your plane bigger. There are power-ups that are dispersed around the map. They can give you new weapons, speed-ups and even temporary bigger wings so you can poison your enemies. Will you outplay all enemies to become number one? Have fun with it!

How To Play Chemz.io

Direct the movement of your plane using the mouse or touchscreen. Drop a bomb you collected before using Q, shoot a missile you get with a power-up before using E, activate a speedup that was in a power-up using the spacebar.

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