About is a free online Agario style game. It is about a survival horror which takes place in a very dangerous fish world. Play as a tiny creature and get ready to grow bigger or dominate the ocean forever! Firstly, you cannot ignore eating. Actually, each time you capture and consume food, you will be able to enlarge. Even, you will have more chances to achieve the goal and become the King.

It is extremely easy to move to every area in unblocked! However, you do not bump into anybody who is stronger than you or you can be killed. But, you are allowed to activate a special ability which helps you speed up and escape from those enemies. Especially, you can boost with bite. It means that it is not difficult to chase and attack somebody at once. Try to evade larger rivals and hunt smaller ones! You can regain your stamina sooner if you do not swim. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move around the ocean, left mouse or Space to speed up, right mouse or Ctrl to boost and bite

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