About Cocky.io

Cocky.io is a multiplayer Slither style game. Aside from that, it is also similar to Agar.io. You will start off with a character who is equipped with a special weapon, a sausage or a stick. Play against tons of opponents from around the world. Gather together on the same battlefield and you need to destroy as many players as possible to earn the highest rank. Firstly, you should roam around the map and collect colored dots scattered on the floor at random. They are the useful food that allows your tool grow in size. Next, you can choose the target and stab them. Kill and steal their energy later. For those who own the bigger item, you’d better dash and run away before they eliminate you. Additionally, always keep an eye on your back. It is a vulnerable part. Select the skin, get ready to join and dominate the leaderboard right now!

How To Play Cocky.io

Use the mouse to move, click to rush.

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