About Cool Snakes.io

Cool Snakes.io online will definitely keep you engaged for hours just like Slither.io. With familiar yet awesome gameplay and cool graphics, you will love this Slither style io game for sure. In Cool Snakes.io unblocked, you have to direct the movement of a blocky snake around a huge map eating tons of glowing pellets to power it up and make it bigger than ever. Ignore other enemies around you if you are not ready to fight with them. You should focus on eating pellets because it is very important to gain size. Once you have become a stronger snake, you can use your body to kill the enemies. Go encircle them, speed up to outmaneuver them, or even cut them off. Make them run into your body, then take their dead remains to increase size faster. Like other snake-themed io games, in Cool Snakes.io free, you must slither your way up to the top place on the leaderboard.

How To Play Cool Snakes.io

Control your snake in Cool Snakes.io game using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed it up.

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