About Copter.io

Copter.io unblocked is a helicopter-themed io game with multiplayer battles. In this title, you must fly to the sky with your helicopter to fight against enemies from around the world. When you make your way through the sky arena, try to aim then shoot at enemies quickly before they deal damage to you. Not only enemy helicopters you can destroy, but you also need to defeat other tanks, drones, as well as buildings. The more destruction you do, the higher the level you can reach. Through over time, you can advance your skills and make them stronger to get through your enemies, especially the tough ones. Don’t forget to unlock special abilities for a high chance of winning, such as grenades, bullet wipe, teleport, airstrike, banana bomb, laser beam, etc. It’s all about your top rank on the leaderboard and your ultimate victory. So, try your hardest to survive to reach that goal and become the king of the arena in Copter.io free game. Have fun with it!

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How To Play Copter.io

Perform the movement using WASD, use the mouse to aim and shoot, press E and X to activate special abilities.

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