About Craftnite.io

Get ready to face up to many online opponents in Craftnite.io unblocked – a mix and match of Minecraft and Fortnite. You will be taken through a lot of challenges by Craftnite.io online, so have your skills ready for it now. The big goal for you here is to destroy other players to get to the top place on the leaderboard. To that end, you must use a lot of stairs and dynamites to kill your opponents. You can spawn with a sniper, a pickaxe, 1 dynamite, and 20 stairs. Make use of them to dig then hide into the ground, or use the stairs to get to the high ground. They are two options you can do in the game, so make sure you choose the one that suits your play style. As you kill enemies, you can get more loot for them, which powers up yourself even more. Can you fight your way to the top of the scoreboard in Craftnite.io game? Play it now! Much fun!

How To Play Craftnite.io

Use W/A to move forward/backward, use A/D to strafe left/right. Press spacebar to jump, the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to scope, Tab to open the inventory, and keys 1-5 to change the items.

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