About Crapl.io

Crapl.io is an addicting fun racing game which is going to happen in outer space, an ideal map for intense battles. Select a human-like planet and come with him to a place where you are forced to fight against other competitors for survival. Additionally, you should become the king as soon as possible. Firstly, you will move around the playfield to find food. Consume stars and you will increase the number of orbits which are important to crush spaceships and destroy the enemy. Aside from that, you can attack smaller characters in Crapl.io to gain much more mass. The energy that you absorb can grow your asteroid, improve your score, and make the explosive ring that you leave behind when you speed up bigger. Thus, remember to stay away from those who are larger than you during the journey. Also, keep away from borders and other dangerous obstacles. Good luck!

How To Play Crapl.io

Use the mouse to roam, left-click or Space to accelerate.

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