About Crazy Galaxies.io

Crazy Galaxies.io is one of the fun space-themed iO games based on Agario style. Take control of a small galaxy and you need to suck free asteroids and smaller planets as many as possible to grow in size. Eating in Crazy Galaxies.io is as important as in Swordz.io. When you become bigger, you can see that your position on the rankings is also increased.

Be careful! Play Crazy Galaxies.io online you do not let anybody larger than you approach or they will eat you in a wink! You can press an available button to speed up and run away from those predators. Besides, it is effective to chase and capture the prey. In every case in Crazy Galaxies.io unblocked, you are forced to perform carefully. Try to survive and gain high scores to dominate the leaderboard sooner! Remember that the competition is similar to the battle royale genre because you cannot enter when you die until the winner is found!

How To Play Crazy Galaxies.io

Use the left mouse button to choose your galaxy and drag to move it, Space button to boost up

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