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It’s so great to become a zombie attacking humans in Crowd! Are you up for this zombie-themed upgrades IO game yet? It’s going to be very fun! Your goal here is very simple but will take your effort and some good skills to complete. You have to move around the map killing and eating as many humans as possible to build a bigger group of zombies for yourself. You can even absorb other enemy zombies too, who are controlled by real human players. There is no limit to your hunger, therefore, eat as much as you want. The more people you absorb, the higher the stats you will reach, also it will help you improve yourself a lot. When you step further into the game, you can even unlock brand new characters with cooler models to play with. Like Crowd City – a hot mobile game, in Crowd, you have to turn yourself into the Zombie King with the largest group!

How To Play Crowd

Control your zombie around the map using arrow keys.

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