Crowd City

About Crowd City

Crowd City is a game like, but it can be much funnier to play. In this team-based multiplayer game, you control a group of people around the city and your mission is to make the group much bigger than ever. To do this, you have to ask and invite more other people to join your group, or in a meaner way, you will steal the people from other groups controlled by real human players. However, this can happen to you in the same way when the rivals also aim to get their groups larger. They won’t be hesitant to attack and steal your people. Therefore, you must defend your group at all costs using any tactics or strategies that you prepared. Keep moving around the city to develop your group, explore many corners as well as great places in the city as you try to touch the final glory. Good luck to you!

How To Play

Use the mouse to control your group around the city.

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