About Crowded

Crowded unblocked is similar to Crowd City mobile game in terms of gameplay. You will control a zombie rather than a common human around the city trying to establish a big crowd. The whole city is packed with NPCs and online enemies, which makes it very hard to create a crowd for yourself, but that doesn’t make you give up on it. You have to carefully roam the city eating some zombies that are smaller than you or some nonchalant humans. The more you eat, the larger the crowd you can build. When you move, always watch out for your surroundings because other enemy zombies can eat you up and defeat your crowd. You should prepare some strategies in advance to cope with them. Your main objective in Crowded City free io game online is to dominate the leaderboard with your biggest crowd in the city. Give it a shot now!

How To Play Crowded

Move your zombie and the crowd around the city using the mouse or arrow keys.

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