Cursor Knights

About Cursor Knights

Get ready to step into a world full of Cursor Knights! Are you ready to become one of fighting against a lot of wicked monsters? Give this RPG Upgrades game a shot now! The game lets you utilize your cursor to deal damage to many other monsters. The game features numerous areas with different challenges for you to conquer. Every single of the area has its own enemy, making it much harder. You should put your effort into killing one in an area then you will earn a lot of gold with XP. They are all crucial things that will help you make a game advancement. With the earned XP, you use it to reach further other areas while the earned gold can be used for purchasing brand new cursors. You should pick the new cursors taking up less mana to assault, dishing out more damage, killing giant snakes easily and having many other advantages. Your goal in this multiplayer game is to become the most dangerous fighter!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move and control your cursor using the mouse. Drink potions or buy things using the left mouse, press key E to interact and use key Enter to chat.

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