Play online and complete a popular style game by taking over the leaderboard! Remember that you are joining a great top-down match along with multiple enemies for free! Not only that, you are stranded in a dangerous distant place. Therefore, it is necessary to survive before you outplay anybody on the map. Actually, everyone in unblocked is trapped in a post-apocalyptic world. In which, you have to fend off all difficulties to improve your survivability. You’d better set up a bunker, craft weapons, warm up your body, and do not forget to produce the food! Everything that you perform in is effective for you to defend yourself from dangers from the environment and from the human opponents. You are forced to stay alive and turn into the ultimate survivor. Along with basic tools, try to level up because you will gain plenty of upgrades! Good luck!

How To Play

Use Arrow or WASD to roam, LMB to attack, E to interact with objects, Shift to sprint, M to open the map, C to craft

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