About dinoman.io

Dinoman.io is one of the best Upgrades IO games set in a huge arena where players play as spinning dinosaurs. The game drops you into the world of dinosaurs and you must fight for your survival. You will spawn at a random location on a small map, and your main objective is to go destroy all enemies by rushing at them. This can be a little bit challenging since you keep spinning, which is very hard to attack others as you have to orient yourself properly. There are three upgrades you need to do for your dinosaur: size, spin rate and sprint time. They will help you grow your powers! You can even become a fake tree to surprise the opponents or hide behind real trees to avoid the enemy attacks. Keep your dinosaur level up through over time, survive for as long as possible and you will end up as the best dinosaur in Dinoman.io! Good luck to you!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to walk, click the right mouse to sprint, use the spacebar to become a fake tree.

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