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The battle royale element has arrived in the dinosaur world of Dinoroyale.io unblocked! Feel free to step into this world as a brave dinosaur and see if you defeat all of your opponent dinosaurs using your great skills. DinoRoyale.io free online is a battle royale io game with the fast-paced factor. You spawn in the arena as a weak dinosaur making your way through the map eating a lot of fruit to get stronger. To evolve yourself, you must eat fruit as much as you can. Fruits in the game give you an invaluable source of power, making you strong enough to fight against other dinosaurs, and more importantly, your size will get bigger. As you grow in size, you can hunt for other smaller dinosaurs as well as eat them up to power up yourself. You still keep yourself away from the bigger dinosaurs, though. Avoid them for a while, focus on eating fruit even more until you get larger than them. You are fighting to become the King of the dinosaurs in DinoRoyale.io game!

Play DinoRoyale.io Unblocked Online
Play DinoRoyale.io Unblocked Online

How To Play DinoRoyale.io

Move your dinosaur around the map using the mouse. Eat fruits to get bigger and go eat up other dinosaurs.

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