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It’s a post-apocalyptic world in Disaster.io, dominated by horrible mutants and dangerous zombies. Get yourself ready for an adventure in this Zombies IO game then see if you make it till the end! When a match is started, there will be some players chasing other ones! The ones that are chasing are called mutants, while the others are called survivors. The mutants need to spread the radiation across the arena, and the survivors have to buy weapons to beat all the mutants before they get eliminated. Disaster.io brings you multiple weapons with different ranges and damages. You should make the most out of them to dish out the largest amount of damage to your opponents possible before they have any chances to deal theirs. Your smart strategies are so vital! Develop them through over time then use them to knock out all the mutants. Let’s start fighting now and work your way to the top! Wish you luck!

How To Play Disaster.io

Move your character using WASD. Use items by clicking the right mouse, drop items by using key G, collect items by using key E, open the survivor's shop using key O and click the mouse to spin.

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