About Dizzytroopers.io

Dizzytroopers.io is a free 2D shooter game set in a mysterious town. Choose a color for your soldier and connect to a multiplayer match online. Your mission is to take over the top spot on the leaderboard with the highest score. Start off with a spinning character and it’s not simple to achieve the goal. The circling yellow stars will point out how dizzy you are. You can aim before shooting if you control that state successfully. Move around the village in Dizzytroopers.io unblocked and you are able to play down anybody that you want. It’s essential to time your shots! It will help you improve your ranks, reduce stars, and escape from the dizziness quickly. Don’t skip power-ups! They are great to stop every uncomfortable feeling faster. They can appear across the area randomly. Just run over them to pick up and obtain unique effects! Remember to seek appropriate tactics!

How To Play Dizzytroopers.io

Use WASD or Arrow keys to wander, click to attack

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