Play game with any mode that you want or create a party in which you will have the chance to meet up with many friends. Check out the own shooting skill alone or team up with others. More importantly, try to find out how to dominate the entire map as fast as possible. Although you can realize that the progression system is quite simple and basic, it will bring many exciting options related to upgrading and designing your boat. Similar to Diep style, is ready to become a good place for you and every participant to show ability. With two cannons on both sides, you are able to kill the enemy easily. While fighting and roaming, do not ignore orbs. Aside from collecting them, you should earn experience and gold to buy stuff. There are several stats that you can put scores into for the cost of coins at the top screen. When the XP is full, you can add a new gadget. Set sail and explore more!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrows to move, left click or Space to fire, F to fire aimed shots at the cost of coins.

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