About game is an io version of dodgeball with a color twist. In this agario-styled game, you will play a role as a ball. Around you, there are numerous smaller balls, which you can easily toss and throw it. This game adheres to the standards of traditional dodgeball, in the event that you get hit you’re out! And remember, you can’t take two balls of the same color in a row.

Just like dodgeball, the game has the same rules and gameplay. The balls skip off landscape and dividers and in the event that it hit you either straightforwardly or from an avoidance, they kill you. The difference is you can’t get the ball in any case if two balls impact they will skip off one another allowing players with great precision to impede approaching assaults. Dodgeball io online is one of the exciting online free MMO games that every player should try once!

How To Play

Control with your mouse and left-click to toss balls.

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