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You can show off your doodling and guessing skills in Doodlr.io unblocked – a unique io game about drawing and guessing. Although the game may sound interesting and thrilling to play, it will not be easy to conquer when you have to compete against lots of players around the world. Everybody has a turn to draw and guess. When you take on the role of an artist. a secret word will be given to you, and you are tasked with doodling stuff in relation to that given word so other players can guess it. You are sending hints to them through your drawings, so make sure no many hints are given out. When someone is drawing, it’s time for you to guess it. Try your hardest to guess the right word and type it fast to earn a high score. When each round passes, you will earn some scores. Keep accumulating your score until you get to the top place on the leaderboard at the end of the game. Much fun with Doodlr.io game!

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How To Play Doodlr.io

The left mouse is used for drawing, while the keyboard is used for typing your guesses.

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