About Drakes.io

Taking control of big dragons to deal damage to enemies in Drakes.io game must be very cool! Now, you can totally do that once joining this epic 2D Shooter Upgrades game where you can fight against various enemies from across the world. The battle is packed with action, making it much more challenging to conquer. You have to direct your dragon around the map trying to burn down lots of objects to grow in size. While doing so, you have to dodge the fire from other dragons as this will burn you down too, causing the game to be over. You don’t want to be killed like that and restart everything from scratch, right? So try to play with tactics to outplay all opponents. The game of Drakes.io is to become the most dangerous dragon that dominates the whole arena. Let’s engage in this battle then see if you can climb the top.

How To Play Drakes.io

Move your dragon around the map using the mouse.

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