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Are you good at drawing? In Draw.io free online, you must use your drawing skill to make a big territory for yourself on a map for a chance of dominating. Your friends are ready to compete against you because they also want to make their territory the biggest one. You need to play with smart strategies to get an upper hand on them. You will start drawing to capture many areas and paint them with your color. Keep up with your good work until your territory becomes bigger. As you do this, you must be careful with the aggressive opponents as they will do something to wipe you out of the arena or even destroy your territory. Do whatever you can to stop them all before it’s too late. You must protect yourself and your areas during the fight. If you survive long, you will have a chance to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Play Draw.io unblocked now!

How To Play Draw.io

Control the movement of your brush around the map to pain areas with your color using the mouse.

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