About Drednot.io

In Drednot.io unblocked, you have to establish a giant ship armed with guns and armor then sail into the seas to fight against lots of enemies. With weapons attached to the ship, you must use them to kill all rivals from afar and make sure you avoid all of their shots in time, or else your ship will suck damage. Feel free to join forces with other friendly players if you want and together, you will be able to build a mighty vessel. The goal of Drednot.io game is to rule all the seas!

How To Play Drednot.io

Use WASD for the movement or reaching a ladder. Use the spacebar for jumping or leaving a ladder. Left click to interact with items, right click for using an item. Press key Q for dropping an item, the mouse wheel scroll for the zoom, key C for the fast zoom, key Enter to chat, and key Tab for the scoreboard. 

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