About drillin.io

Drillin.io drops you in a tough competition where you have to slice all enemies in haft using your drill. Prepare some good strategies in advance for this brutal fight between you and other online opponents in this Slither and Agario Style game! You must control your drill around the map carefully seeking the enemies then quickly use the head of your drill to bite off their tails. Once you have killed them, you should steal their mass instantly, which powers up your drill. Keep in mind this: the farther up you reach, the stronger your drill will become, and this means you will earn more mass easily, which takes you closer to the victory. Don’t forget about the green/red blocks! For the green blocks, they will be used to gain mass slowly, while you use the red blocks to launch into bigger enemies. Your goal here is to become the most dangerous drill in the arena. Think you can achieve it? Challenge your skills now!

How To Play

Use keys A/D for turning, key W to boost, and key S to stop.

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