About Ducklings

Ducklings online is a crowd-building io game about ducklings. You have to save as many ducklings as possible, build a big crowd of them for yourself, and take control of them through the area to fight against enemies with their crowds then take all the ducklings back to the nest in the pond safely. The mission in Ducklings unblocked may sound simple but sometimes you need to use your strategies and tactics to get an upper hand on enemies. Picking up ducklings is like collecting cells in Agar.io or gathering orbs in Slither.io. It’s all for your size! You have to make your crowd the biggest possible to outplay all other players. On your way, make sure you avoid the reckless boats because you will get hurt if you come in contact with them. Don’t forget about avoiding enemies with bigger crowds of ducklings than yours. You need to stay away from them, otherwise, they will take your ducks. Can you make your crowd the biggest in Ducklings game? Have fun with it!

How To Play Ducklings

Use the mouse, arrow keys, or the joypad to move your ducklings around the map in the game.

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