Escape from the Beast!

About Escape from the Beast!

Escape From The Beast game is an awesome chase game online in which you have to run away from many wicked beasts if you are a human and hunt down humans if you are a beast. Escape From The Beast unblocked is like other zombie io games in terms of gameplay. When you first spawn in the map, you will have to run away from evil beasts that keep chasing you behind. Go towards the spikey impediments, try not to touch them to save your life, and make sure no beasts can catch you. When it’s your turn to chase others, you should go at a fast speed to catch all humans and stop them from running away from you. Make sure you always have your skills ready to deal with all dangers as well as defeat your opponents. You aim to become the best player in Escape From The Beast free! Wish you luck!

How To Play Escape from the Beast!

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, click the left mouse to shoot.

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