About Evonite.fun

If you get bored with common io games, then try Evonite.fun unblocked now for a new experience and more fun. It’s a new io game with an evolution concept and a unique gameplay mechanic that keeps you entertained for hours. In this title, you are a free fighter and an adventurer who is brave to venture out into more areas on the map for finding resources and attacking enemies. You should cut down trees, palms, bushes as well as cacti to increase in size. Since you are small, you cannot fight against anyone. You should get your size bigger to deal with other players. After gaining size, you can attack smaller enemies. But still, you must stay away from the bigger ones as they can kill you with one fell swoop of their weapon. If you meet your end, your experience will be donated to the enemy that killed you. As you play, you will upgrade your character to a higher level. There are 12 levels in Evonite.fun game online, divided into four classes, including killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. When you get to level 12, you will become the most powerful player in the game. Try your hardest to finish off all enemies and survive until you get to the top. Much fun!

How To Play Evonite.fun

Left click to attack enemies and right click to speed up.

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