About Facepunch.io

Facepunch.io is a brutal Free For All Io game in which you will play boxing against multiple opponents on the same map. Knock out as many players as possible and you can win the championship easily. Choose the character that you like most and embark on your job skillfully. Like the real sport, you have to use strong bare fists to attack the others. Punch and deal damage to those guys. Hits that you successfully land will bring the chance to drain the antagonist’s health bar and vice versa. While you are wandering around the ring, you should collect blobs to earn experience and fill up the level bar. When it is full, you can progress and gain much more points. Once you dominate the crown, remember to unleash your ultimate special skill. Currently, it’s available for you to explore via desktop browser or mobile app. Enjoy and share with your friends now!

How To Play Facepunch.io

Use the mouse to move, LMB or Space to punch, RMB or W to activate the special skill.

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