Fall Bros

About Fall Bros

Fall Bros is a world full of beautiful color and cute bros run around everywhere, but it is not a nice and relaxing world, this is where you have to fight and try to survive as long as you can by trying not to fail down from the platforms, and other bros want nothing more than kicking you down.

There will only be one winner in this harsh world, and the only way to win is that you have to crush other bros under your feet by kicking them off the platforms. The only champion is the one who is more flexible and skillful, someone who can dodge all the obstacles, jump over all the gap, avoid the sliding door, crush all of their enemies with smart and creative strategies and reach the finish line before other bros do, the final victory will be yours to take. So what are you waiting for, let’s join the Fall Bros Unblocked and fight for your greatest glory?

How To Play Fall Bros

You can move your character by using WASD, and a space bar for jumping

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